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This is a balloon world, but it would be nothing without a balloon artist.

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

A Little bit about myself the founder, I'm a mum of two amazing young men and they are the soul reason for starting this business. My eldest son helps with the booking set ups and the collections, he really enjoys helping the business grow and thrive. My youngest takes care of the pooch and house, while I'm away decorating events. I also have ADHD and suspected Autism (awaiting assessment), this business has helped my special needs in ways i couldn't imagine. Its helped with mu social anxieties, my organisation, my drive and motivation, and it also helped provide me with a routine. At the beginning i did struggle, but i held on to the thought of my children and building something for them, this helped me push through. My ADHD does give me an advantage, my hyper focus when i have a project, event or prep is incredible and nothing comes in between getting what i need done. I also have unlimited amounts of energy, due to my hyperactivity, its rare i get tired from doing all my events.

Flower wall with balloons and pampas
Flower wall

I also work full time as a social care worker for the discharge team for the elderly and venerable, this is something I'm tremendously passionate about, and although i get little time off i would never give up my day job. I enjoy getting up everyday helping out, especially knowing I'm helping out those who need it. My role is very complex, and very little people are trained to preform it. So if i was to leave, it would leave a gap in the industry of social care, a gap the industry cant afford to have. Thus putting people at risk, which due to my nurturing nature this isn't an option. Plus i love what i do, both in my social care job and running my business, its very rare a person gets 1 job they love in a life time let alone 2.

Thank you for reading and i look forward to supplying you with excellent event post.

Yours truly

Rochelle Pennant xoxo

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